Trials and Appeals

Although our attorneys provide an array of legal services for our clients in our state and federal courts, we are first and foremost trial attorneys. Reed Armstrong has a longstanding and established reputation as a winning civil defense firm in Madison County, St. Clair County and other surrounding counties, and is one of the most experienced civil trial defense firms in Southern Illinois. Reed Armstrong attorneys have successfully tried over one thousand jury trials for individual, business and corporate clients for over fifty years. All of our partners are experienced trial attorneys and our associates obtain trial and court experience early in their careers, as we believe early trial and court experience is essential to the development of our young trial attorneys. Our lawyers have tried a relatively large percentage of jury trials in Madison County and St. Clair County in recent years with a staff of 14 lawyers or less. Each case we handle is prepared with an eye towards successful defense at trial, while always taking advantage of opportunities to resolve cases on favorable terms. Through hard work, dedication, extensive trial experience, and superior knowledge of the region and courts, we confidently provide our clients with excellent legal services, advice, judgment, and trial counsel.

In addition to jury trials, our attorneys have successfully filed and defended appeals on behalf of individual, business and corporate clients for over fifty years. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the 4th and 5th District Illinois Appellate Courts, the Illinois Supreme Court and Federal Courts. We provide our clients with thorough research of all issues on appeal, exceptional briefing, and superior oral argument.