Insurance Coverage & Contract

In addition to insurance coverage related matters, contract issues often arise in the defense of construction casualty, commercial trucking, and other injury cases. Reed Armstrong not only has vast experience in prosecuting and defending contract cases for insurers in the surrounding region but also in advising carriers to prevent coverage issues from arising in the first place. Representing both sides in coverage disputes has provided a unique perspective as to the strengths and weaknesses of each specific case necessary to reach the best possible solution.

Our cases include:

  • Prosecution and defense of third party claims and counterclaims among owners, contractors, subcontractors and employers in the context of contribution and indemnity liability for personal injury claims.
  • Debarment of negligence claims pursuant to the economic loss doctrine.
  • Prosecution and defense of actions involving breach of an employment contract.
  • Defense of automotive repair facilities for claims of improper repairs.
  • Employment of defenses unique to landlords based upon lease provisions in premises liability claims.
  • Debarment of personal injury claims based upon exculpatory provisions signed by the claimant.
  • Analysis of duties to defend, apportionment, and management and advice for complex insurance litigation.