T-Bone Collision, Tailbone Angulation

Style of Case: Sin v. Drake
Client: Constance Drake
Trial End Date: 7/13/2015
Court: 3rd Judicial Circuit Court, Madison County, Illinois
Type of Case: T-Bone Collision, Tailbone Angulation
Judge: Honorable Dennis Ruth
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case: William B. Starnes II

Jury Verdict

This case settled after the first full day of trial which included plaintiff´s direct and cross examination. Before the first day of trial, evidence depositions were taken of plaintiff’s treating orthopedic surgeon, her physical therapist, her chiropractor and defendant’s retained orthopedic surgeon. Defendant admitted fault for running a red light and colliding into the vehicle in which plaintiff was a passenger resulting in a moderately severe impact, but denied plaintiff was injured to the extent claimed. Plaintiff was transported to the emergency room where she complained of pain to her neck and knees, x-rays of which were normal. She was diagnosed with knee abrasions and neck strain. She also claimed she strained her low back and injured or aggravated a prior injury to her tail bone but made no complaints of tailbone pain or low back pain the day of the accident or for several weeks thereafter. Plaintiff had low back pain and tailbone pain for several months before the accident, including 11 days before the accident, when she complained her tailbone pain was severe and disrupting her normal activities. Plaintiff had a 90 degree angulation of her tail bone, and it was disputed whether this was traumatic or congenital. Plaintiff’s claimed medical expenses were nearly $20,000. In the morning before the second day of trial began, the parties settled for defendant’s pre-suit offer of $20,000.

Last Demand: $75,000
Verdict: Settled for pre-suit offer of $20,000