T-Bone Collision, Headaches, Spine, Emotional Injury

Style of Case: Taylor Dahms vs. Brandy Blackwell
Client:    Brandy Blackwell
Trial End Date:    5/30/2013
Court:    Seventh Judicial Circuit, Jersey County, Illinois
Type of Case:    Personal Injury Auto; Admitted Negligence
Judge:    The Honorable Eric S. Pistorius
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Michael C. Hobin
Jury Verdict

Plaintiff and defendant were high school classmates when the vehicular collision occurred in rural Jersey County. Defendant t-boned the plaintiff vehicle causing an air bag to deploy in plaintiff’s face. Defendant admitted negligence. Plaintiff was ambulanced to a nearby ER where she denied being injured. Plaintiff began treating with a chiropractor she had seen pre-accident on the morning after the collision. She claimed headaches, spinal problems and emotional/psychological damages resulted from the collision. Plaintiff called upon 5 medical doctors, her clinical psychologist and chiropractor of many years to testify during her case in chief. Plaintiff and her father also testified. Defendant called upon a medical examiner hired to testify at trial as well as two fact witnesses (plaintiff’s former dance instructor and cheerleading coach). Plaintiff suggested the jury return a verdict between $130,000 and $150,000.The jury returned a verdict of $2,132.44 for medical bills and $2,159.31 for pain and suffering.

Last Demand:      
Verdict:     $4,291.65 for Plaintiff