Side Swipe Auto, Soft Tissue Injuries

Style of Case: Peggie Thompson v. Christopher Hogan
Client:    Christopher Hogan
Trial End Date:    7/26/2011
Court:    20th Judicial Circuit, St. Clair County, IL
Type of Case:    Side Swipe Auto, Soft Tissue Injuries
Judge:    The Honorable Robert B. Haida
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  James L. Hodges
Jury Verdict

The plaintiff was stopped at the end of a line of cars waiting at a red light when the defendant attempted to pass on the left to enter the left turn lane. The rear right wheel of the defendant’s vehicle struck the plaintiff’s vehicle at the left rear quarter panel. Plaintiff claimed that this contact caused her to have pain in her neck, mid back and right wrist. Her injuries were soft tissue, neck sprain/strain, back sprain/strain and wrist sprain. She accumulated medical bills of $6,322.09. The defense established that plaintiff was not injured to the extent she claimed and that she did not sustain any disability or suffer any pain and suffering from this minor contact.

Last Demand:     $10,000.00
Verdict:     $3,161.00 (50% of medical bills only)