Rear End Auto Accident; Neck; Fibromyalgia

Style of Case: Emma Christensen v. Stacey L. Green
Client:    Stacey L. Green
Trial End Date:   9/12/2007
Court:    Third Judicial Circuit Court, Madison County, Illinois
Type of Case:    Rear End Auto Accident; Neck Pain; Fibromyalgia
Judge:    The Honorable Nicholas G. Byron
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Dominique N. Seymoure
Jury Verdict

On January 18, 2002 the plaintiff was stopped in front of the Alton High School on College Avenue in Alton, Illinois. The defendant was traveling on College Avenue when the car in front of her swerved and drove around the plaintiff’s stopped vehicle. The defendant was unable to stop before hitting the rear of the plaintiff’s vehicle. In addition to claiming an injury to her neck, the plaintiff claimed the automobile accident caused or contributed to her subsequent diagnosis of fibromyalgia. The defendant presented medical testimony and established the plaintiff had prior problems and complaints similar to those she made following the automobile accident. The defendant argued the fibromyalgia was pre-existing and was not aggravated by the automobile accident. The plaintiff asked the jury to award her in excess of $500,000 at the trial. The jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff in the amount of $35,000.

Last Demand:    $99,999.99
Verdict:    $35,000.