Pro Se Plaintiff; Rear End Auto

Style of Case: Rolanda Pearson v. Vic Hamer
Client: Vic Hamer
Trial End Date: 10/1/2013
Court: 22nd Circuit Court, St. Louis City, Missouri
Type of Case: Rear End Auto
Judge: The Honorable Mark H. Neill
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case: William B. Starnes II

Jury Verdict

On southbound Kingshighway near Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri, in congested traffic, the defendant proceeded toward a green light, looked down for a second, and looked back up too late to avoid colliding his Ford pickup truck, with attached and empty livestock trailer, into the rear end of plaintiff´s 2004 Toyota Camry. Though the light was green, plaintiff was stopped behind the first vehicle in line at the light which failed to proceed forward when the light changed to green. The driver in front of plaintiff left the scene. There was moderately severe damage to the Toyota. The plaintiff refused medical treatment at the scene but went to the emergency room later that day after which she rented a car and drove around. Plaintiff tried the case pro se. She introduced photographs of her injuries and vehicle damage but failed to get into evidence her medical bills of $3,023, the medical records, or the value of her vehicle. She sustained pain and brusing to her arms, back, and knees which have resolved. No medical witnesses testified.

Plaintiff requested the jury award $31,000 for her personal injuries. The jury returned a verdict for plaintiff in the amount of $2,500 for personal injuries and $2,500 for property damage. The property damage award was setoff to $-0- by virtue of a prior payment, so the net verdict was $2,500 for personal injuries only.

Last Demand: $15,000
Verdict: $2,500 for plaintiff