Premises Liability; Paintball Eye Injury; Vision Loss

Style of Case: Rick Jones v. Wildcat Paintball Park, Inc.
Client:    Wildcat Paintball Park, Inc.
Trial End Date:   4/24/2001
Court:    Madison County, Edwardsville, Illinois
Type of Case:    Premises Liability; Paintball Eye Injury; Vision Loss
Judge:    The Honorable Daniel Stack
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Martin K. Morrissey
Jury Verdict

After a seven-day trial the Madison County jury returned a not guilty verdict for the defendant. Plaintiff had claimed the Paintball Park employees had negligently invited plaintiff to leave the safe staging area and walk to another location near a playing field, where plaintiff was then struck in the eye by a stray paintball from the game field. Plaintiff claimed significant injury, multiple surgeries, traumatically caused glaucoma and loss of vision in the eye. Martin K. Morrissey was the attorney defending this case.

Last Demand:    Pretrial – $300,000
At Trial – $950,000 before closing
$4 million requested from jury in closing argument.
Last Offer: $75,000
Verdict:    Defendants verdict