Premises Fall Injury, Fractured Transverse Process

Style of Case: Lambert v. Coonrod
Client:    Tim Coonrod
Trial End Date:   2/17/2011
Court:    Seventh Judicial Circuit Court, Macoupin County, Illinois
Type of Case:    Personal Injury – Premises
Judge:    The Honorable Patrick Londrigan
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Dominique N. Seymoure
Jury Verdict

The plaintiffs claimed Richard Lambert fell while helping the defendant take Halloween decorations out of a portable storage shed at the defendant’s home in Carlinville, Illinois. Richard Lambert testified the defendant stood upon an empty wooden wire-spool to reach items on a loft in the shed before instructing Lambert to step up on the spool himself to retrieve additional items. The plaintiffs argued the defendant was in control of the project and that he was negligent in not providing Lambert with a safe and stable platform and in failing to warn him the spool could be unstable or tip easily.

The plaintiff’s fall resulted in a fractured transverse process in the lumbar spine and a fractured rib. The plaintiff was off work for two months before returning full-time to his job as a laborer/steelworker at a local steel warehouse.

Although the defendant conceded Lambert fell, landing on the spool on his back, the defendant denied instructing Lambert to stand on the spool and he further denied ever seeing Lambert on the spool before the fall. The defendant argued that if anyone was at fault for the fall, it was Lambert himself in standing upon the spool despite knowing it was not designed as step stool and despite his failure to test the stability of the spool before stepping onto it.

Last Demand:    $38,850.00
Verdict:    Defense Verdict