Personal Injury/Parking Lot Collision

Style of Case: Kristie Monigan v. Meghan Watt

Client: Meghan Watt

Trial End Date: April 10, 2017

Court: Third Judicial Circuit, Madison County, Illinois

Type of Case: Personal Injury/Parking Lot Collision

Judge: The Honorable Judge David Dugan

Jury Verdict

This case involved a collision that occurred on November 10, 2014 in the parking lot of Walgreens in Alton, Illinois. The plaintiff and defendant parked opposite each other and collided at low speeds while backing from their parking spots. The plaintiff claimed she had fully exited her parking spot and was attempting to pull forward when the defendant struck her car while backing from her parking spot. The plaintiff claimed the defendant was negligent for failing to keep a proper lookout. The plaintiff claimed she injured her neck and back, had treatment at an emergency room and underwent 22 visits with a chiropractor, incurring medical bills totaling $5,422.00. The defense maintained that the collision occurred when both drivers were in the process of backing out, and therefore, each party was equally at fault. A panel of three arbitrators heard the case prior to trial pursuant to Madison County’s Mandatory Arbitration. The arbitrators found in the plaintiff’s favor, placed no contributory fault on the plaintiff and awarded her total damages of $8,500. The defendant rejected the arbitration award and the case proceeded to jury trial.

At trial, the jury heard testimony from the plaintiff, the defendant, and the plaintiff’s chiropractor. The plaintiff denied any fault in causing the collision and asked the jury to place 100% of the fault on the defendant. The plaintiff asked the jury to award her medical bills of $5,442.00, plus an amount of money for pain and suffering and loss of normal life for a total of $16,000.00.

The jury returned a verdict in the plaintiff’s favor for $5,442.00 for medical bills but awarded no damages for pain and suffering or loss of normal life. The jury found the plaintiff to be 50% at fault, thereby reducing her total recoverable damages to $2,771.00

Last Demand: $8,500.00

Verdict: $2,771.00 for the plaintiff