Personal Injury Auto; Admitted Negligence

Style of Case: Korey Duncan v. Dara Nolte
Client: Dara Nolte
Trial End Date: 3/12/2014
Court: Third Judicial Circuit, Madison County, Illinois
Type of Case: Personal Injury Auto; Admitted Negligence
Judge: The Honorable Circuit Judge A.A. Matoesian
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case: Michael Hobin

Jury Verdict

On June 11, 2008, plaintiff and defendant were involved in a motor vehicle accident in Madison County, IL. Plaintiff claimed he was injured as a result of the rear end collision. Defendant admitted she caused the collision but denied that the plaintiff was injured to the extent claimed. Plaintiff testified during his case in chief concerning his claimed personal injuries and corresponding medical and chiropractic bills totaling approximately $28,000. Plaintiff also claimed he lost out on a baseball scholarship totaling over $11,000 and the chance to play baseball professionally. Plaintiff’s attorney called upon plaintiff’s surgeon and chiropractor as well. Defendant’s attorney hired a medical expert to physically examine the plaintiff, and his evidentiary testimony was read to the jury over the course of nearly two hours. Defense counsel also called upon plaintiff’s junior college baseball coach to testify at trial. Plaintiff’s counsel suggested an award of $65-$90,000 during his opening statement. Defendant’s attorney suggested an award of $9,000 was appropriate during his closing argument. After deliberating for less than 30 minutes the jury returned a verdict of $10,000.

Last Demand: $40,000
Verdict: $10,000