Oncoming Left Turn Collision

Style of Case: Howard v. Akalan
Client: Susan Akalan
Trial End Date: 10/24/2013
Court: Twentieth Judicial Circuit Court of St. Clair County, IL
Type of Case: Oncoming Left Turn Collision
Judge: The Honorable Heinz Rudolf
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case: Joshua N. Severit

Jury Verdict

Plaintiff was traveling eastbound on State Street in East St. Louis, Illinois when his vehicle collided with Defendant’s vehicle, which was making a left turn from westbound State Street onto 25th street. Each party believed the other person was responsible for the collision. Defendant argued she had the green arrow prior to making a left turn onto 25th street. Plaintiff, however, believed he had a green light the entire time. Plaintiff relied on eyewitness testimony from an individual who “allegedly” was behind the Defendant before she turned onto 25th street. The witness testified she had a green light, not a green arrow. Yet, the witness was not listed on the police report and the officer who responded to the scene does not recall any witness being present.

Both vehicles sustained moderate to severe damage from the collision. Plaintiff refused medical treatment at the scene and followed up with a chiropractor the following week. Thereafter, he treated with a chiropractor for four months, went to physical therapy for another four months, and treated with two different orthopedists. He claimed injuries to his low back and both knees. His medical bills totaled $10,556.80
Defendant rejected the mandatory arbitration award returned for plaintiff in the amount of $12,000 and proceeded to trial by jury.

Last Demand: $23,556.80
Verdict: Defense Verdict