New Civil Jury Instructions Treatise Uses Reed Armstrong Trial As Illustration

A mold case tried to a defense verdict by Reed Armstrong partner Michael J. Bedesky was recently featured in a Jury Instruction treatise. D. ROE, ILLINOIS CIVIL JURY INSTRUCTIONS COMPANION HANDBOOK, § 4:16 (Thomson West, 2008), citing Crowder v. West Pointe Bank, St. Clair County No. 02-L-683. In Crowder, the plaintiff sought personal injury damages caused by mold under a landlord-tenant, premises liability theory. This new Thomson West publication demonstrates the use of Illinois Civil Jury Instructions in the factual context of many specific trials in a variety of litigation contexts. It sets forth the nature of each case, a factual summary, and the citation of each pattern jury instruction given. Where given instructions were not covered by—or where they deviate from—Illinois Pattern Instructions, the text of the instruction is set forth. The treatise also provides Westlaw citations for available case pleadings and documents.