Motor Vehicle – Pedestrian Accident

Style of Case: Mary Lynn Dixon vs. .William Maggart
Client:    William Maggart
Trial End Date:    6/13/2012
Court:    3rd Judicial Circuit, Madison County, IL
Type of Case:    Motor Vehicle — Pedestrian Accident
Judge:    The Honorable David Hylla
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  James L. Hodges
Jury Verdict

The plaintiff and her friend were crossing Illinois State Highway 159 in Glen Carbon near the intersection of 159 and Brenda, at approximately 7:00 A.M. during the morning rush hour, when she was struck by the vehicle operated by defendant. The plaintiff was crossing a 5 lane highway ½ mile outside the crosswalk with heavy traffic. The Defendant was in his vehicle at Brenda St., waiting to make a left hand turn onto northbound route 159. The Plaintiff had stopped in the center turn lane waiting for southbound traffic to pass. The testimony at trial was that the defendant looked left and right multiple times but could not see the plaintiff in the roadway because of the traffic and the sun. When defendant pulled out to make his turn, his vehicle struck the plaintiff while she was standing in the center turn lane. Plaintiff claimed injury to her right knee, right foot and ankle and to her head. She treated with 2 orthopedic physicians for her alleged injuries and claimed medical bills totaling $29,799.17.

Last Demand:     $129,799.17
Verdict:     For defendant