Emergency Response Motor Vehicle Accident

Style of Case: City of Wood River v. Johna L. Anderson
Client:    Johna L. Anderson
Trial End Date:    9/30/2011
Court:    Third Judicial Circuit Court of Madison County, Illinois
Type of Case:    Emergency Response Motor Vehicle Accident
Judge:    Mandatory Arbitration
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Joshua N. Severit
Jury Verdict

Plaintiff, by and through its employee, Wood River police officer Joshua Timmins, claimed that Ms. Johna Anderson failed to yield to his emergency vehicle as he was responding to a domestic violence call. Officer Timmins claimed he stopped at a red light with his emergency lights activated, hit his siren one time, and waited for traffic to clear before he proceeded through the red light into the intersection. Defendant Johna Anderson had a green light, however, and was unable to see the emergency vehicle prior to the accident due to heavy traffic. Officer Timmins sustained bodily injuries and his police vehicle was damaged as a result of the accident.

Defendant Anderson denied she was liable for the accident. She argued that Officer Timmins violated the Wood River Police Department guidelines and protocol for responding to emergency calls. The guidelines required that an officer activate both the emergency lights and siren when responding to an emergency call. Yet, Officer Timmins admitted that he only activated his siren only one time. At least two witnesses at the scene, along with Defendant Anderson, testified that they did not hear a siren at the intersection.

Last Demand:     $11,323.93
Verdict:     Defense Verdict