Dram Shop – Brawl Outside of Tavern

Style of Case: Derendinger vs. Mega Leasing Corp., d/b/a Pop’s Saloon
Client:    Mega Leasing Corp., d/b/a Pop&’s Saloon
Trial End Date:   3/9/2011
Court:    Twentieth Judicial Circuit, St. Clair County, Illinois
Type of Case:    Personal Injury – Dram Shop
Judge:    The Honorable Robert Haida
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  James L. Hodges
Jury Verdict

The plaintiff claimed that while he was outside of Pop’s Saloon, Mr. Jamie Vogler approached him, and without provocation physically assaulted him. Plaintiff claimed that Mr. Vogler had consumed alcohol inside Pop’s and as a result was intoxicated. The Plaintiff claimed that the alcohol was sold or given to Mr. Vogler by Pop’s employees. As a result of the beating plaintiff sustained a closed head injury, chipped teeth and bruises on his face. He was treated at Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital and St. Louis University Hospital and accumulated medical bills of $14,000. Mega Leasing Corp., was able to establish that it did not cause Mr. Vogler’s intoxication and therefore was not the cause of plaintiff’s alleged injuries.

Last Demand:    $50,000.00
Verdict:    Verdict: Defense verdict (jury deliberated for 20 minutes)