Construction Negligence

Style of Case: Christopher Durr vs. CSR Construction, Inc
Client: CSR Construction, Inc
Trial End Date: 5/20/2014
Court: Third Judicial Circuit, Madison County, Illinois
Type of Case: Construction Negligence
Judge: The Honorable Associate Judge Donald Flack
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case: Michael Hobin

Jury Verdict

In January 2012 the City of Alton contracted with defendant CSR Construction, Inc. to do sidewalk repairs nearby the premises owned by the plaintiff Christopher Durr. Pursuant to the contract, CSR repaired the sidewalk across the street from the premises owned by plaintiff. Plaintiff claimed the work damaged his property causing plaintiff to pay a bricklayer $20,000 to repair his building. Defendant denied its work damaged plaintiff’s property. A structural engineer hired by the defendant testified CSR’s work did not cause the damages alleged. This case was first arbitrated on November 19, 2013 pursuant to the Illinois Supreme Court mandatory arbitration system. Plaintiff was awarded $5,500 by the arbitration panel of three local attorneys but filed a timely rejection of that award. At trial, plaintiff’s counsel suggested an award of $20,000 to the jury while defendant’s attorney insisted the only appropriate verdict was a “defense verdict.” After deliberating for approximately 5 minutes the jury returned a defense verdict ($0).

Last Demand: $20,000
Verdict: Defense Verdict