Cervical & Lumbar Fusion; Rear End Auto

Style of Case: Betty Weckman v. Dorothy Bonn
Client:    Dorothy Bonn
Trial End Date:    9/21/2011
Court:    3rd Judicial Circuit, Madison County, IL
Type of Case:    Cervical & Lumbar Fusion; Rear End Auto
Judge:    The Honorable David Hylla
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  James L. Hodges
Jury Verdict

The plaintiff stopped her vehicle as the car in front of her stopped to turn left; the defendant hit her brakes, but still made contact with the rear of plaintiff’s vehicle. There was no visible damage to either car. Plaintiff claimed this contact caused her to have pain in her neck and back. She was diagnosed and treated for a herniated disc at C5-6 requiring a discectomy, inter-body fusion and plate stabilization; and, lumbar segmental dysfunction at L2-3 requiring a bilateral pedicle screw fixation and fusion. She accumulated $180,000.00 in medical bills. Treating physicians testified that the rear-end accident caused her injuries. Defendant´s expert orthopedic surgeon testified that such a low speed impact could not have caused these injuries or the need for the surgical treatments. It was his opinion that plaintiff had pre-existing degenerative conditions in her neck and back that may have been aggravated by this impact.

Last Demand:     $325,000.00
Verdict:     $82,650.00