Auto-Bicycle Crash; Minor; Fractured Knee Cap

Style of Case: Ruth Watkins, Jr. by and through Mother and Next Friend Judy Watkins and Judy Watkins v. Cynthia Spalding
Client:    Cynthia Spalding
Trial End Date:   9/19/2007
Court:    3d Judicial Circuit Court, Madison County, Illinois
Type of Case:    Auto – Bicycle Injury; Minor Plaintiff; Fractured Knee Cap
Judge:    The Honorable Barbara Crowder
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Martin K. Morrissey
Jury Verdict

Fourteen year old plaintiff claimed defendant operated her van negligently and struck him whe he was on his bicycle in the crosswalk fracturing his kneecap. Defendant argued plaintiff caused the accident by entering the street when it was unsafe. Medcial specials totaled $70,000.00. No offer. Plaintiff asked the jury for an award of $250,000.00. Defendant verdict.

Last Demand:    None
Verdict:    Defense Verdict